WOW! Today, December 15, we're excited and proud to roll out our new branding: a new logo, a new website... a new Wagon Yard!
That's not saying that our exceptional offerings in furniture, lighting and décor have changed. But we realized that after 30-plus years, we did not have a cohesive and consistent "look"... we wanted a logo and branding to really describe our store... something with a retro feel to help describe our history as a store (and our building, which, as our store name implies, was once the wagon yard for the Granbury Square), but also give prospective customers an idea of our product offerings....and something that could take us another 30 years. But we didn't want a look that branded us only as a store that had retro or old-timey items. So, we went to the folks at Contemporary Communications and after some discussion and experimentation, we finally settled on the logo you can see now on our new website! 
While our old site was certainly functional, the one thing it lacked was panache. And sophistication. It was rather blah, frankly, and really did nothing to show what the REAL Wagon Yard shopping experience was like.  Contemporary Communications showed several web page designs, and after some back and forth went to work on programming. Our new site is professional, classy, easy-to-navigate, and just gives our products lines so much more appeal in the presentation.
The folks at Contemporary Communications also recommended a great photographer, Kevin Brown out of Arlington, to come in and do a half-day photo shoot of the store... we were really impressed that he was able to really show our store so well in all the photos, which are also displayed on our website. (We have a literal library of photos to choose from, we couldn't put all of them on our site at one time.)
Anyway, needless to say, this has been several months in the making, and now that it's done we're in celebration mode! Please come visit us as we're in full swing for the holidays!


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